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d [21 Jul 2005|02:58pm]
so yeah...i met a girl named amanda she resembles a boy but i kinda like it, im pretty much in love with her...and her random spot of blonde all the way in the back of her head...i saw her um um yesterday? and i think she smells like toads yipeeee!
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goals... [23 Feb 2005|08:17pm]
OKay, since my mom states im grounded forever these are my goals for a lifetime.
1. Read at least 3-4 books a month.
2. Listen to more music, learn every word to ever song.
3. meet new and exciting people online since i wont be having actual human contact for awhile.
4. delete goal number 3 because that sounds so lame..ha
5. become amazingly good at drums...half way there...joke.
6.become a cook with pirate abilities
7. stay in shape and dont let myself go...
8. make at least 2-3 stories a month. the topics of each story will either be heartache, solitude, sorrow, anguish..etc.
9. i guess i should find a life partner...not likely at my rate.
10.also delete goal 9...who needs a life partner!
11. stop falling for every girl that smiles at you...
12. don't talk in school, it only brings more trouble.
13 stop ranting off to your world history teacher...
14.don't die at the age 15.
15. watch every movie imaginable.
16. give a good cry evry now and then.
17. stop writting stupid goals I'm never gonna follow.
</3 anthonyx
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whoa. [21 Feb 2005|08:00pm]
Yeah so i've had a livejournal before but i made new one... well this is whats happend this weekend. Friday i slept over at adrians house...it was some uber fun...saturday was probably the most boring day ever...we sat around the whole night figuring out what to do and then by the time it was time to go sill nothing was figured out. sunday, well rudi picked me up then we went to erics house...after awhile we left erics to go to adrians sat at his house then i recieved a text message from alanna, i guess she was bored, well she said she was at best buy so i was like "let's go to best buy" and so we did and i saw alanna...for the second time...it was intense, a good 5 minutes...then after that i went home then to vinces where him and matt played kigdom hearts...whoa what a pitiful weekend...
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